About Charmydreads

I’m Tove, a loctitian situated in Gothenburg, with a cozy studio in Majorna. I’m the creator and owner of Charmydreads Sweden AB.

Charmydreads are specialized on dreadlocks and dreadlocks products.   

I’m educated by Seienstyle and am an official affiliate since 2018. Since I’ve been a kid I have been longing for dreads. It was like a calling from inside to complete myself. When I finally took the step to get my dreads done in 2015 it was like a dream came true. 

Earlier in my career I have worked as a travel leader and guide. I have met a lot of dreadheads around the world and often I can feel some kind of connection, maybe it’s a mindset or just that we have something in common. However, it’s a blessing to be able to work with this and meet so much interesting people, that each has their own story to tell.