We have a little secret for you guys!
When Eden was a young woman in another part of Sweden she dreamt. When we got our dreads we looked at this and dreamt. When we met we discussed this and said ”If we only could have…”. And then a few days ago, Tove woke the sleeping Eden up, far too early for her convenience. During the night, an unexpected offer had landed in Tove’s e-mail. Needless to say, in a few seconds Eden was wide awake and we were considering the financial plans. Our dream was within our reach, too close to not do anything about it. A dream we have had, both of us for several years. A quick discussion with our financial advisor. A bank deposit. A signed contract. In less than 24 hrs. We got our dream. WE GOT OUR PAWS ON OUR DREAM, earlier than we ever expected. This was more than we ever could expect to happen EVER.

But no. We won’t tell you. Not just yet. As true Swedes, we don’t open our Christmas gifts until after Donald Duck at 15.00 the 24th of December. Nor do we order a kebabpizza and consider it the best meal there is any other day than January 1st… And Midsummer is celebrated on the 22nd of June… 


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