Dreadlocks on your own hair

When you do dreadlocks on your own hair you have to be aware that maybe 1/3 of the length will go away.  You will get as long dreadlocks that your current length allow you to get. 

Price from 4000 KR (This price includes 8 hours of work.) Book your appointment








Dreadlocks with extensions

To get the length you want, extensions is the perfect way to go. I do as long locks as you wish and I mix the hair to get a natural look. 

Price from 5500 KR (This price includes 8 hours of work and 1,5 package of real human hair.)  Book your appointment






Extending existing dreadlocks incl. maintenance


Price from 5000 KR (This price including 7 hours work and 1,5 package of real human hair.) Book your appointment








Maintenance (roots & lengths)

Price from 1500 KR (Includes 3 hours work and if  you need to use some extensions, that cost will be added to the price.) Book your appointment


If we overrun the time that is scheduled for your appointment there will be added 500kr/hour.