• Helsinki

    This week we are going on a new dreadlock tour and this time to Helsinki! It’s three dreadlocks studios that are joining. Me from Charmydreads, Heidi from Roots&Colors and Desireé from Envy hair Clinic. We will spend 5 lovely days in Helsinki and do what we love to do; dreadlocks. This will be an amazing tour and the best thing is that we can learn from each other. Were should we go next on our dreadlock tour? Xx Tove

  • London Baby!

    Soon, very soon it’s time for me and some colleagues to go to London on a ”Seienstyle affiliate tour”. This will be awesome and I’m so looking forward to it! Friday the 5th of April I will meet up Hanna…

  • Work in progress

    We are working on a new and better webpage for you. Hopefully soon it will be up and running! Please, have patience with us. Love from Charmydreads

  • I’m going on tour!

    Me and my fellow Seienstyle affiliate loctitians are going on a European tour this spring!

  • Book an appointment!

    We have a booking service at www.bokadirekt.se/. If needed, change language at the little flag in the upper right corner.